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CNC operating system


CNC system

◇ Full color LCD 19 inch (Win7 / Celeron 4300 / 4G memory / 320G hard drive)

◇windows7, professional waterjet cutting software

◇Support start, breakpoint continuation, handwheel guidance

◇Graphic simulation and simulation processing functions

返回Return function along the original track

◇Reverse cutting function

◇ display / rotation / mirror cutting

Metric/English conversion function

◇中/English online switching

◇Cutting knife compensation function

◇Set the on/off valve sequence and time interval

◇Using AC servo digital drive system and AC servo motor

◇Electrical appliances: Schneider, Siemens

屏蔽Used shielded cables for various analog control lines

  The main power cord and various control lines are routed separately and protected by steel or metal hoses to prevent signal interference; all cables must comply with national industrial standards.

◇Configure mapping software AUTOCAD

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