AC five-axis cutting head
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AC five-axis cutting head


AC five-axis CNC high pressure cutting system

The five-axis five-linkage system of the ultra-high pressure water cutting machine can realize the rotation of the cutter head in any direction, realize the cutting slope at any angle, and solve the slope defect caused by the water cutting drift.

Application areas: machining, stone processing, aerospace, military production, automobile manufacturing, architectural decoration.

With an optimized structural design, it is small in size and light in weight and can be mounted on existing cantilever and gantry water cutters.

Its maximum inclination angle is 0-45°, and the yaw angle is automatically adjusted by the CNC control system, which is convenient and reliable. The user can easily set the desired tilt angle. Achieve a vertical cutting surface;

The AC axis adopts a harmonic reducer with high positioning accuracy and small backlash.

This product, especially for the marble processing of the decorative and parquet flower industry, eliminates the cumbersome process of secondary grinding. The speed and quality of the processing are improved, and the verticality of the slit is also improved in the fields of cutting glass, metal, composite materials and the like.

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